Gryphon Smart WiFi Mesh System

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  • Recommended for small to midsize homes (Up to 3 bedrooms)
  • Smartphone App Specs: IOS, Android
  • Memory: 512MB RAM, 4GB Flash
  • Power Supply: 12vDC
  • Bluetooth LE
  • WiFi Features: 802.11bgn, 802.11AC, Simultaneous tri-band radios (2.4GHZ, 2x 5GHz), 4×4 MU-MIMO, Antenna Beamforming, Wireless Mesh, 6 high power internal antenna, Guest WiFi, 3Gbps overall throughput, Comprehensive WiFi security
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The most powerful WiFi system to protect your family

Protect them from everything except real conversation

Complete network security is just around the corner

Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Malware Protection with ESET Technology


They’re safe in the living room. Aren’t they?


Most children are exposed to the internet at the age of five.


Teens spend an average of 8 hours a day online.


The average family has 12 devices connected to the internet today and growing


70 percent of children see inappropriate content accidentally.

Screen time is now the number 1 threat to family time.

We live in a world that is quickly becoming more digitally reliant, making it more important than ever before to build a strong, healthy understanding of what responsible internet usage entails.


We call it Gryphon.

  • Content Filtering By Age
  • Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Malware Filtering Protected with ESET technology
  • View Browsing History
  • Set Bedtimes/Homework Times
  • Pause the Internet
  • Enforce Safe Search and YouTube

Responsible internet habits. For the entire family.

It’s not just peace of mind when your kids go online. Or the fact that software updates and parental control are included free of charge, forever. Gryphon makes it easier to understand the importance of family time, and assists parents in setting better examples.

Protect Your Connected Family

Gryphon makes it easy for you to take control of your connected home

Set internet restrictions that create more conversations

Bigger the family and smarter the home, the more intelligently all your devices need to be managed.

A Comprehensive System

Parental Controls - Screen Time Management

The Gryphon app allows you to easily set age level restrictions for each device, and internet time limits for each child as well.

Content Filtering with Crowd Ranking

All the support you need, with 1.2 million blocked sites stored locally on Gryphon, and aggregated website reputation ratings from multiple sources including other parents.

Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Malware Filtering

Machine Learning recognizes each device in your home as a unique fingerprint and warns you if that fingerprint deviates in any way. Protected with ESET technology

View Browsing History

Gryphon helps ensure a brighter future for your kids by monitoring their browsing history, even if they delete it.

Set Bedtimes/Homework Times

No more nagging, negotiating or wiggle room. Gryphon helps you schedule screen time in the run up to automatically shutting off their internet for bedtime.

Pause the Internet

Literally. Just a touch of a button allows you to take complete control of the internet, giving you instant and non-negotiable family time.

Enforce Safe Search and YouTube

Turning on Safe Search/YouTube hides inappropriate content for your child by automatically filtering their search engine results.

Remote Real Time Request & Approval

You don’t even need to be in your home to uphold its safety. Grant real time approval to website access requests from anywhere.

Network Security for the Entire Home

Threats are ever-present, so Gryphon never rests. It constantly updates from the latest threat database to provide the most current protection.

Software and Protection Updates

These occur automatically, making it easier for you, and offering greater peace of mind thanks to consistently up-do-date security.

In the Box

  • Gryphon Smart WiFi Mesh System
  • Power Supply
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quick Start Guide