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  • IP67 Waterproof Rating: Waterproof, Snowproof, Dirtproof
  • Battery Life: Up to 12 hours of play time
  • Built-in Micro USB Charger: Charge your devices in a flash
  • Just Ask: Access Siri and Google Voice Assistant via Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • LED Color Modes: 5 LED color modes to match your music!
  • House Party Pairing: Pair up 50 enabled speakers
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The Altec Lansing RockBox will amplify your sound and electrify the party. Thanks to 24 watt RMS, the RockBox will deliver a powerful booming sound that will be sure to impress. Featuring up to 12 hours of battery life and a built-in smartphone charger, you and the music will keep going! The RockBox features House Party pairing, so go ahead and pair up to 50 House Party enabled speakers together for the ultimate surround sound. Plus, this speaker is IP67 waterproof rated, so a spontaneous rain shower will never interrupt the good times. Soaking wet and need to order a pizza? With Just Ask, you can access Siri or Google Voice Assistant via Bluetooth by a simple vocal command all while remaining hands-free!

Stop, Drop, Ready to Rock!

The RockBox is the ultimate party speaker - guaranteed to keep the party fueled for hours! Up to 12 hours of playtime and 5 Led light modes, this speaker will electrify the party!

Ultimate On-The-Go Companion

Bring your RockBox along, built-in carry handles make portability simple! Not sure what the elements will bring? No problem, IP67 Waterproof Rating will keep you Rockin' even in the worst weather conditions

Power up the Party

The RockBox is loaded with 12 hours of battery life to keep the music pumping throughout the entire listening session. Built-in USB charging port will keep your bluetooth devices powered up so your music won't stop!

House Party Pairing

Pair up to 50 House Party Enabled devices to multiply the sound. Keep one RockBox speaker next to the pool and another by the grill - ensure that there is never a music free zone during your next House Party

Just Listen App

Download the Just Listen App to unlock all the features of your RockBox speaker. From lighting modes to customer support and everything in between! The Just Listen App is your one-stop hub for all things Altec Lansing!

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