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  • Great for protecting DSLRs, lenses, tables, phones, controllers, & more

12″ Gear Wrap – 3 Pack

The ACGW12 – 12″ Gear Wrap by Ape Case is a wonderful piece to add to your equipment bag, tote, backpack or luggage. Padded and protective wraps have been on the market for more than 10 years now and they’re a fantastic and affordable way to add some protection to your gear, especially when you don’t have a dedicated, protective camera bag..

It offers extra strength as it is highly durable. It consists of a velcro-compatible tricot exterior, and a scratch-free nylon pack cloth lining. These do a great job protecting a DSLR, lenses, tablets, cell phones, & more! If you don’t want to carry a bag, but need to protect something, these wraps are suitable on their own to wrap, carry & go! Or maybe you want to safely store an item while inside of a bag. Grab a wrap!

The ACGW12 is 12″x 12″ and are portable padded protection for your gear. Gear wraps are designed to protect what you wrap inside, without the bulk. A smooth lined interior resists dirt and grit, while the soft exterior easily affixes to the Velcro corners. Simply insert your gear, fold the corners in and press the Velcro corners.

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  • Ape Case 12" Gear Wrap - 3 Pack Portable Padded Protection