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Model: ACLC6



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  • Suitable for most zoom lenses such as 70-200 mm
  • Zippered closure
  • Attaches to belt or bag up to 2.5″ wide
  • Hi-Vis yellow interior
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The ACLC6 DSLR lens case is a beautifully simple, yet functional design. Constructed of medium padded nylon that provides protection, but is flexible enough to “conform” itself to allow for storage inside another camera case. There is also a provided belt loop that can attach to a belt or strap up to 2.5″ wide.This case features Ape Case’s signature black on the outside yellow on the inside color scheme. The Hi-Vis Yellow interior makes seeing what is in your case a breeze. The size is suitable for most 70-300mm lenses.

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  • Ape Case ACLC6 Basic Lens Case