Ape Case ACLC8 Adjustable DSLR Lens Case Prime Lens Price Worldwide

By: Ape Case

Model: ACLC8



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  • Suitable for most “kit” or “prime” lens such as 18-55 mm or 18-70 mm
  • Removable padded insert
  • Attach the case to a belt or backpack
  • Zippered closure
  • Hi-Vis yellow interior


The ACLC8 Lens Case is Ape Case’s Zippered Adjustable/Attachable Compact Lens Case with a unique twist on the standard lens case. Nicely padded for protection of your lens. It also has a snug second layer of padding around the interior. This removable providing the ability to change the interior size of your padded lens case. Depending upon the circumference of your lens, you can keep the “tube” in place or remove it for a thicker lens.There is a unique “criss-cross” strap and Velcro attachment system on the back of the case. This gives you the ability to attach the case to either a horizontal strap (like a belt) or a vertical strap (like on a backpack) up to 3 inches wide.The lens case similarly to Ape Case backpacks, is made with sturdy nylon. The zippered lid overlaps the side walls providing extra protection from the elements. Moreover, this compact size is suitable for most kit or ‘prime” zooms such as 18-55 or 18-70 mm.

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  • Ape Case ACLC8 Adjustable DSLR Lens Case Prime Lens