Ape Case ACPRO4000 W/ Trolley Powerful Padded Powerhouse Backpack Price Worldwide

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Model: ACPRO4000



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  • Hi-Vis yellow interior makes it easy to find small accessories
  • Trolley included for easier navigation to-and-from locations
  • Built in water-resistance cover
  • Thick padded dividers that are easy to adjust
  • Can fit laptops up to 16 inches!
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Meet the ACPRO4000, a classic Ape Case backpack! It’s yellow on the inside, black on the outside, and tough all over! The same as the ACPRO2000, our ACPRO4000 model comes with a trolley, perfect for sports photographers or wedding photographers who move around a lot on the job.

Well-padded to hold fragile equipment such cameras, lenses, tools, computers, breakable items, or any portable device that fits within the interior dimensions. The laptop section that is padded to protect your iPad or laptop (up to 16″). It is perfect for moving items to-and-from trade shows. The trolley makes it easier to carry the items to-and-from locations as well. The retractable wheels come in handy when walking in buildings, driveways and walkways. Airports, train stations, and bus stations are easier to walk through as well. This backpack is aimed to please.

If you travel often the ACPRO4000 can be a great resource. It’s superior quality makes it one of the best in the market today starting with it’s ballistic nylon exterior. Ballistic nylon is ultra-tough and water-resistant making it a bag you can take anywhere! Sometimes TOUGH ALL OVER means mud might get involved. When you purchase an ACPRO4000 it comes with a built-in, all-weather cover that opens easily for added resistance. It’s perfect if you’re working on location and caught in a rain storm. Campers, hikers, and nature photographers love this bag for that reason.

Even though this bag has wheels – the shoulder straps and harness can be used to carry equipment easily. The adjustable harness system allows the bag to be tailored to your body, and the sternum strap keeps you balanced while walking. With multiple movable Hi-Vis yellow dividers you can configure the inside to adequately fit your gear. The Hi-Vis yellow will help illuminate the interior when in low light making it easy to find your gear.

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  • Ape Case ACPRO4000 W/ Trolley Powerful Padded Powerhouse Backpack