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  • Never Miss an Adorable Moment: Always see your dog with the 170° wide-angle lens that provides stunning 1080p clarity in real time, and night vision allows you to see your pup better at night. Watch the cuteness on the eufy Pet app.
  • It’s Fun for Fido: Keep your dog guessing with 3-distance and 270° rotatable treat tossing. Plus, Dog Camera’s unique anti-clog design keeps you playing with Rover, not fishing out stuck treats.
  • Tracks Your Dog. No Sniffing Required: Keep your dog the center of attention and the frame automatically. Pet detection identifies them and smart motion tracking follows them.
  • Hears Every Woof: Whenever your dog starts barking up a storm, you’ll get an instant notification. And with 2-way audio, you can even tell your dog to stop before the neighbors start complaining.
  • Free Doggy Diary: Dog Camera comes with 16GB of local storage, which means that your recordings are always accessible without another monthly subscription fee.
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Ready, Aim, Fire Treats!

Keep your dog jumping in excitement with 3 distance options to propel treats.

See Every Fur-tastic Tossing Moment

Wide-Angle Rotation, 3 Treat-Launching Distances, Smart AI Auto-Tracking.

Stay Close Away From Home

See every adorable detail with Dog Camera's 1080p 2.5x zoom lens, then follow the action with 270° of rotation for photogenic moments.

The Smart Dog Sitter

Staayyyy... On Camera

AI Auto-Tracking always finds your dog, even when they're on the move.

Hears Every Woof

On-board AI notifies* you anytime your pup starts barking up a storm.

*Push notifications with thumbnail previews require thumbnail preview images to be temporarily stored in the cloud.

Know If Doggy's Sick

Smart AI alerts you when your dog poops or licks their paws so you can check with your vet.

Talk to Your Dog Anytime

Never feel guilty about leaving your dog alone with a built-in speaker to start a conversation.

Always Clear Even at Night

The guesswork of night video is gone because Dog Camera's 4 infrared sensors provide crisp, bright images anytime.

Daily Doggy Diary

Each moment of your pup’s day is recorded on 16GB local storage and edited into a free daily video for you to share all the cuteness and fun.

The Treats Never Stop

Avoid fishing out treats with a one-of-a-kind anti-clog design and focus on rewarding your dog for good behavior.

Dishwashable Food Can

Easily remove the food can and conveniently stick it in the dishwasher to save time in your busy day.

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