Nanoleaf Skylight Smarter Kit 3-Pack Price Worldwide

By: Nanoleaf

Model: NF083K03-3SL

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  • Panel Size: 300*300*55mm
  • Mounting Plate: 120*120mm
  • AC Lines: 700mm
  • Communication Line: 90mm
  • Screen Mirror: Yes
  • Music Sync: Yes
  • Sync +: Yes
  • Luminous Per Panel: 1400 lumens
  • Communication Protocol: WiFi (24 GHz b/g/n)
  • The Nanoleaf App: Control via the Nanoleaf App (Android & IOS) for mobile/tablet or the Nanoleaf Desktop App (Windows & Mac).
  • Compabitility: Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, IFTTT, Razer Chroma
  • Color Temperature: 2700-6500K
  • Color Channel Configuration: RGBCW
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 80
  • Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ
  • Output Voltage: 18W @Controller, 16W @Expansion
  • Standby power: 22W@120V, 246W@230V
  • Lifetime: 25.000 hours
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to 40°C
  • Usage Scenario: Indoor
  • IP Rating: IP 20
  • Insulation Grade: Il-insulation
  • Mounting Type: Ceiling flush mount
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Nanoleaf Skylight Smarter Kit

Modular flush-mounted smart ceiling light panels that take your lighting to new heights. Mimic the effect of the natural sky with Nanoleaf Skylight's diffused multi-point lighting and expand your layout with additional panels to capture the full skylight experience.

  • Bright Functional Lighting
  • Cool & Warm Whites (2700K - 6500K)
  • 16M+ Colors with Dynamic Scenes
  • Hard-wire one main panel, and extend with up to 99 more.

Take Modular Lighting to New Heights

Bright Even Lighting Inspired By The Sky

Nanoleaf Skylight replicates the invigorating beauty of an open-air "sky" experience in any room, of any size.

Open Up Your Home

Breathe life into dim spaces with Skylight's bright and even illumination—your home will always feel open and refreshed.

Functional or Ambient

Curate the feeling of your home. Bright natural diffused lighting energizes your space, while colorful animated Scenes set the mood for any occasion.

Enhance Your Routines

Wake up to gentle sunrise colors, or be eased to sleep with the glimmering effect of stars. With Schedules you can automate your lights to add some magic—and convenience—into your day.

Modular Functional Lighting

Start small or go as big as you want by customizing your ceiling layout with modular squares.

Hardwire only one panel, and then expand your layout to cover large spaces, or extend into hard to reach areas.

Nature Inspired Color Scenes

Skylight’s curated color-changing Scenes take inspiration from the real sky, with effects like Sun Shower, Gentle Rain, and Shooting Stars.

With these nature-inspired lighting animations, you'll feel as though you've peered right through your ceiling and straight into the open sky above.

Diffused Lighting For Even Illumination

Multipoint lighting reduces shadowing, bringing the revitalizing sensation of daylight to every area of your home. Expand your layout with additional panels for unparalelled brightness to replicate the full "skylight" effect in any room of any size.

Smarter Functionality

Set Schedules

Energize weekday wake-ups and enjoy self-dimming wind-downs completely hands free with Schedules that simplify your routines.

Keep Your Home Safe

Automate your lights to turn on/off or control them remotely even when you're away from home to deter potential intruders.

Magic Scenes

Automatically generate color palettes using AI.

Customize Colors & Motion

To create your own palettes and multi-colored animated Scenes.

Bring Your Music to Life

Watch as your lights dance along to the sound of your music in real-time.

Control Easily

Use the Nanoleaf App, Voice Control (through your smart home ecosystem), or your standard light switch!

In the Box

  • Nanoleaf Skylight Smarter Kit
  • Mounting Plate
  • Power Wires
  • Communication Linkers
  • Screws