Zoku Ice Ball Molds

By: Zoku

Model: ZK118

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  • The Zoku Ice Ball Mold creates spherical ice, keeping your drink colder longer with less dilution
  • Simple to Open: Once frozen, simply pull the halves apart, flip over the mold, and push on the bottom of the mold to release the Ice Ball
  • Stackable Design: Store the 2 units in your freezer or display with your other bar items
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Zoku Ice Ball Molds are bright red color in color and stack neatly for easy compact storage on your shelf or in your freezer door. This set of two (2) is perfect for you and a date or friend, or to create a stash of ice balls for your next party in half the time. Use them to keep soda, juice, cocktails or whiskey colder longer, without diluting the flavor. Kids will enjoy it too! Try adding cucumber, lemon or lime slices, or mint to enhance your drinking water

Hosting a party? Add some fruit slices, berries or juice to the molds to add a splash of color to individual drinks or entire pitchers or punch bowls. Stocking up for the festivities is easy and fun. Keeping drinks cool has never looked cooler! The molds are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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  • 2 Stackable Ice Ball Molds